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Author  ·  Life Simplifier  ·  Business Coach

Sujit Lalwani is the Founder & CEO of Inspiration Unlimited [an International Inspirational Online Media] & Author of Life Simplified!

Through his journey of 2500+ speeches he has impacted more than 4.5 Million lives with his inspirational words. Sujit through several of his social projects has impacted over 8Million+ people at the grass-root level. He believes in striving for excellence, is an avid reader, fast learner and has a high enthusiasm for chess and physics.

He has traveled several countries to deliver speeches, addressed One Young World audience that hosted 183 nations under one roof, got featured in OP Khanna's book on Extra-ordinary Indians in Service [featurning 55 Indians who have engaged in high service to society] & has served as passionate promoter for multiple brands [business and non-profits]. He served 1year as global head of community engagement at World Merit while founding World Merit India. He is currently the Heroic Books India Head and also founder president at Simus Ventures.

Sujit loves participating in brainstorming solutions for key issues that face a startup during early growth stages. He has a keen insight and grasp of group dynamics, consumer behaviour, leadership & management principles, growth strategizing, and understanding product-market fit overall.

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Sujit Lalwani's Quotes

  • Most people forget great times & focus only on bad ones. One must know it's still a choice! Kill choices that kill the positive energy..

  • The best way to great life is to guide those that can learn from you & learn from those that can guide you.

  • A large part of the world is getting out of comfort zone & it now needs a direction to grow & flourish in the right direction..

  • There is one thing about leadership there isn't anything that can be defined or definite.

  • What looks impossible today is only a problem that needs a different approach than what has been tried so far..


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